A brief insight to Booom Ibiza's social media growth

Booom Ibiza was one of 2013's most talked about venues. At the beginning of the season, there was a buzz about the latest super club to open up on the island. However, after many delayed openings and three name changes the club did not get off the start it would of wanted. Come August and September and the club found and its feet, welcoming the likes of Defected, Luciano and Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano's Sexy By Nature party each week. After looking after the Booom's accounts on Facebook and Twitter throughout the season we highlight what had the most success and why. Booom closed its doors for the summer season October 6th after it finally opened its doors at the end of July (15th.) We split the season into two parts, Part 1 starts from May 1 up until the day the club finally opened July 15. Part 2 focuses on when the club it self was open, where live tweets from the venue and club updates came into play. [caption id="attachment_1232" align="alignleft" width="866"]Booom Ibiza 01.05.13 - 16.07.13[/caption]

So what do we learn from the chart above? Before Booom opened its doors, the expectation and hype surrounding the club saw Booom almost reach the 6,000 followers mark, a remarkable achievement in just under three months. This was without paid promotion and without any social media tactics such as follow and unfollow. Compare this to the figures below. During the time the club was open, 3,800 followed the club increasing the clubs overall follow total to over 9,000. This may come as a shock but it's not unusual in terms of social media followers. The hype and expectation surrounding the opening of the club encouraged more followers as people seek information and updates on line ups and similar information.

The biggest difference in these two charts is in the interaction. Booom received more interaction when the club opened its doors, as expected. Live tweets from the venue and the day after proved the most affective as the number of RT's increased dramatically during the time the club was open with the profile being mentioned by over 5,000 people.

[caption id="attachment_1233" align="alignleft" width="865"]Booom 16.07.13 - 06.10.13[/caption] In the next graph you can see the daily engagement of Booom and how much traffic was created daily through Boooms Twitter accounts. In its opening week Booom received 658 mentions and 433 retweets, a season high. Two weeks later, the season was at its peak. Boom received just two less retweets than it did mentions, showing the kind of interaction generated from live tweets and regular updates on what DJs were playing at each event. Once the hype surrounding the venue had died down, September saw a consistent level of interaction with around 300 mentions per week. [caption id="attachment_1223" align="alignleft" width="551"]Boom Twitter Daily Engagement Boom Twitter Daily Engagement[/caption]             On Facebook, Booom has a much bigger following with over 40,000 people liking the club in its first season. Compared this to Sankeys Ibiza who have been on the island for three seasons, Booom is well on their way to catching them up. Due to the clubs relationship with Italian cuisine, there is no surprise that a large percentage of its audience comes from Italy. Posing the question, would it be in Booom's best interest to put together some of Italy's finest DJs and bring them to Booom? In terms of numbers, Booom on Facebook doubled from August to November. Unlike Twitter, paid promotion was used to increase the reach of Booom. Like we have done with clients Jack Eye Jones and Nassau Beach Club we have carefully targeted certain areas, looking at clubs and club nights around the world for the correct target audience. August and early September saw the biggest increase in numbers as a consistent flow of traffic came through to Booom's Facebook page from its own official website and search engines such as Google. Having the same names on all social networks helps the brand expand, improving its google ranking. Considering the number of times Booom changed its name this year, that is an achievement in itself. Now, with event promotion at its most diverse, videography and photography albums were a key element of Booom's social networking policy. Defected often created promo videos, and Luciano and his cult very rarely enter a club without a photographer near by. With Booom opening this Friday for Winter with a brand new concept Suite780, we are excited to see what the winter holds and whether the island embraces its latest super club and its idea of bringing a different hotel suite to the island of Ibiza. First up, Toyko and Visionquest's Shaun Reeves.