Facebook announce most talked about trends of 2013

Facebook has announced the most talked about topics in 2013 and the results are interesting to say the least. Topping the list is Pope Francis, who became the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. According to new data from the company, which includes related hashtags the word 'election' was the 2nd most talked about topic, followed by the 'Royal Baby' that got every one around the world guessing until announced George Alexander Louis. It wouldn't be a calendar year without the talk of Natural Disasters. The word Typhoon was the fourth most discussed topic. In November Typhoon Haiyan left a path of destruction in it's wake in the Philippines, with the death toll over 5,000. This story however did not make the Top 10 in America. The charts below show that the US would genericpropeciabuyonline.com/avodart.html rather talk about the Superbowl or the Harlem Shake. The Boston Bombings did however make the Top 3 in America. The recent death of Nelson Mandela trended in the Top 10, as did Miley Cyrus and the Tour de France. The Tour de France was the most talked about sporting event around the world on Facebook, the Superbowl despite being the USA's most talked about topic did not make the world Top 10 topics. Ratings show it was seen by 108 million people around the world, everybody but America must of been using Twitter that night. You may have also noticed on your profile that Facebook has given you the option to review your year on Facebook in 2013 and share it with your friends. fb-trends-640x418 fbtrendsus-640x457 Photo Credit: Facebook