FaceBook introduce face filters & new stories feature

Social media stories have been booming in recent years, with Snapchat being the original creator of the feature which allows individuals and brands to build a narrative through short clips and images that can be shared with others and last for 24 hours. However, in August of 2016 Instagram incorporated this feature into their ecosystem and soon after, Twitter released a similar feature called ‘moments’.



Snapchat’s rate of growth took a nose dive when Instagram came out with their own version of stories and quickly began to steal Snapchat’s most popular features which some believed made Snapchat almost pointless. One of the only benefits left of Snapchat was face filters . However, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, introduced filters within their Messenger app. This was a direct copy of Snapchat’s feature and was widely viewed as Facebook once again trying to make Snapchat obsolete by stealing their unique selling point.



FaceBook began to implement live face filters after they purchased MSQRD, an AR application which allows users to modify human appearances in real-time. Facebook did this to rival Snapchat who bought Looksery (a similar company) for $150 million in 2015.

Earlier this year Facebook also came out with their own version of stories within their Messenger app, called ‘Day’. The feature was initially only released in a few countries such as Poland and Australia for testing, before being rolled out globally and implemented into Facebook’s main app. The feature, now known as Facebook Stories, has not been fully introduced yet but will start to be seen in the coming weeks and months.



With so many different platforms offering their own version of stories, users have found it hard to post different content on each account. Although these different story services have their subtle differences, they all essentially do the same thing which can make it difficult for users to decide which platform to focus on. Currently, the most popular stories app is Instagram, with over 200 million users using the stories feature everyday compared to Snapchat with about 161 million daily users. Although Facebook stories haven’t been rolled out worldwide as of right now, during the testing period they seemed fairly unpopular as very few people used them.

Instagram stories may have more daily users than the other story platforms right now, but that could easily change. One big new feature from Snapchat could make their platform significantly better and cause them to overtake Instagram once again.