Facebook is the New Netflix?

Facebook to be the new Netflix? We think so. It has been speculated that Facebook will now be incorporating a ‘Watch Tab’ in their discover section that allows users to watch original dramas and live event coverage exclusive to Facebook. Facebook’s approach to this new feature is to have a large number of mini programmes.


When opening the ‘Watch Tab’ you will be able to select a category specific to you and like for notifications of new shows, live events or coverage. This means everything you select to watch and like is real and relative to you.


‘Watch Tab’ can also be discovered through facebook feed from fellow users sharing videos and live streams. This in turn will make fellow facebook users aware of the new features and push audiences and views of the mini programmes to maximum views, likes and awareness.


Facebook need to maintain a high level of content in order to compete with fellow video channels such as Youtube. However people seek Youtube for other resources compared to solely watching mini programmes. Advantageously to Facebook it can reach a global presence of users as the ‘Watch Tab’ can be cross-platform allowing users to view content from all their devices.


Facebook is initially introducing the latest feature of ‘Watch Tab’ to the U.S before launching internationally. It was intended for the new ‘Watch Tab’ content to be published on the 28th August however it has been rumoured that the latest feature will launch any day now!


So keep your eyes peeled!