Graphic Design Trends 2017

Graphic Design Trends 2017 As a Digital Media company that deals with clients and the creation of websites on a daily basis, It is vital to stay up to date on current graphic designs and source the next big movement. One upcoming trend of 2017 that national and global brands are adopting is vibrant, bright and bold colour schemes. Previously, it has been noted that muted colours and very monochromatic colour pallets were used often to create a simplistic branding concepts. This indicates to the consumer exactly what the brand is and what services/product the brand offers. Furthermore, this highlights the huge contrasts between the years demonstrating how graphics now wish to stand out compared to their competitors rather than blending in with the crowd. Bold Typography, is a combination of mixed text and font used to capture the consumer's eye encouraging them to read content with no loss of attention. Social media is the biggest source of marketing in the 21st century with a staggering 2.34 billion users worldwide.  This indicates that consumers spend a large amount of time skimming social media sites such as: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The majority of users attention span can vary between 60-90 seconds. This further highlights that with the aid of bold text, colours and graphics used sparingly throughout content  it can attain and extend the consumers attention span by an average of 8 seconds. In addition to consumer benefiting from this upcoming trend is it appears highly professional and accurate on the brands behalf. Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 09.01.43   Currently authentic photographs are portrayed as the most stylish way to market your brand in comparison to use of generic stock imagery that the greater part of brands use. The explosion of content represents the brand and provides real, authentic and original images. The main reason brands embrace this style is It creates a human element to the website. Stock imagery can appear very generic and overused. In addition, alongside authentic photographs hand drawn illustrations, graphics and icons are adding a fun and interactive element back into design. This in turn can make the brands services/products more accessible. This can also allow for brand loyalty. This indicates that consumers instinctively associates a graphic with a brand portraying quality and reliability. Brands seek this kind of clarification within the consumer as they can build a global presence online and offline. byron-burger-club-52-3jpg-1200x875 GIFS are another form of graphic communication that has recently peaked in popularity among consumers. GIFS can be extremely effective in displaying what pictures can not  convey. Further, GIFS can express emotions that text and imagery fail to communicate to the consumer.  GIFS can be found in other forms such as: Boomerang. This is a app that displays short bursts of imagery on a loop to convey a message. This is seen to be one of the most relevant forms of GIF in today’s marketplace. One advantageous quality is it requires no software to run them. In turn this means you can view them on multiple different platforms and majority of technological devices. The appeal with GIFS is they are accessible to everyone. This can further increase curiosity to a brand and be very attractive to consumers to view as they are maximum 3-4 seconds long, reinforcing consumers short attention span. Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 09.09.41 Animated logos are an extremely popular trend that can be found on all design fields. Movement in logos can be very influential as the movement in the graphics draw consumers in and alert their interest. In conjunction with motion design brands have a tendency to to link themselves to a jingle. This means when a sound is heard consumers instantly associate the noise with that specific brand. This can be hugely influential to the consumers buying trends and habits. Another trend overtaking any form of media is cinemagraphs. This type of graphic has been influenced by GIFS however it combines a more sophisticated and modernised approach. Cinemagraphs are images taken from still life with mirror moving elements bringing them to life. Simplistic imagery with a twist catches the eye and plays on the consumer's mind. In turn, almost doubling the time the consumer looks at an image therefore increasing the amount of time the consumer thinks about a brand throughout the day. Furthermore, if the imagery is associated with clothing, food or beverage consumers are more than likely to purchase the product. Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 09.11.55 Semi flat design and 3D graphics have outshone 2D design in recent years as trendy imagery has become more dimensional. The imagery and content in the selected image will continue to appear minimalistic with variation in shadowing, placement and highlights. This will completely evolve an image to create depth and complexity without compromising the flat feeling. Additionally, 3D imagery has evolved over the years creating a new concept completely for brands to reach out to the consumer. Consumers no longer expect a standard advertisement, marketing content or graphic design. Consumers are expecting an exceptional experience when searching for the perfect product or service from a brand. Initially starting their experience from brands graphic design. 3D graphics reach out to the consumer more so than flat 2D imagery. Furthermore, 3D imagery in set to dramatically increase in all design fields.