How to use Social Media as a DJ or Artist Part 4 - Be Sociable & Outgoing

 Let's recap where we are. In Part 1, we talked about how an aspiring young DJ and producer can get the best of his or hers social media by using Facebook and Twitter at peak times. Part 2 focused on how you can use your social media to get people to press play on your Soundcloud and You Tube channels and Part 3 focuses on how to get record labels to take note of your sounds and how taking a personal approach allows the record label you are sending your music to to get a feeling of who you are as a person as well as a DJ or producer. What the experts we spoke to in Part 3 flicked a switch and gave us the idea for Part 4 - Be Sociable & Outgoing. Now yes, this series is about how you can use social media as a DJ or artist but as important as your online presence is, in the end, everything you do online will needed to b supported by face-to-face networking. Networking Face-to-face networking is invaluable to your career. This can apply to anyone starting out as an artist in the music business or in any business. A lot of people network without even realising, a simple exchange of mobile numbers or email addresses is all you sometimes need to reach or tap into a new market. Now of course you may know this already, but networking goes on all around the world and works on a twenty-four time frame. While there are becoming more success stories about people who were found online, the stories are rare and although everybody loves a 'started from the bottom' story, these stories are normally used as a PR campaign to increase awareness of the act/band. A lot of DJs talk about how their parents introduced them to music from a young age and how this education saw them work at record shops and meet people who were involved in the running of club nights. It's the little things like this that make the difference, record shops are a rarity nowadays but expanding your knowledge on who is who in terms of DJs and promoters in your area is will benefit you in the long run. Below are a list of tips for you and how you can improve your face-to-face networking skills and how you can link them back to building your online presence even further.
  • Identity what defines you as an artist and be true to your tastes, checking out what's popular, trying to fit in won't do you any favours.
  • Find the nights that fit you and not the nights where thousands of clubbers from all over the country descend, look at the smaller venues that attract around 500 to 1000 people.
  • Once you've found these nights, become a regular and eventually the promoters will get to know you and your face.
  • Ask how you can help - a lot of promoting is done online now so join the pages and share them on to your own profile.
  • Word of mouth - the old school way of promoting still works, do exactly what you do online and spread the word to friends and new people you meet.
  • Don't hassle the promoters while the night is going on - they're likely to be busy and there fore your wasting your own time as well as theirs.
  • Attend after-parties - After parties are a great way of meeting new people without the sound of Funktion 1s. They allow you to chat in a more relaxed atmosphere where the crowd falls from hundreds or thousands to a small amount.
  • Listen to advice - you may think you know all you need to know but having an open minded approach and taking on advice from the people who have been there and done is an important factor of growing as an artist.
  • Carry/collect business cards and stay on top of them. Collecting and carrying business cards is great if you're looking to expand your contact list but it means nothing if they just sit their in your wallet or purse. Follow up on them and send a polite message, it may take some people a while to get back but they will always get in touch eventually.
  • Most importantly - be yourself. This is an industry where people talk, don't make things up and be truthful. People see through lies and 'bs', all the hard work you've done over the past few months could go down the drain very quickly.
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