How to use Social Media as an Artist or DJ Part 2: Pressing play

In Part One of how to use Social Media as an artist or a DJ we highlighted that social media is a noisy world and if you want to get yourself heard it's important to take responsibility and take you and your social media seriously. After building your following and making people understand you as a person as well as a DJ we are now going to take you on the next step of your DJ'ing journey to success by getting your fans to press play. DJ-Dan-Murphy
Now we're going to skip the introduction of how to install and upload on Soundcloud, we're guessing you already know that bit. When it comes to your username be sure it display it as you would anywhere else and try and match it up with your Facebook and Twitter ID's. Not only will this look better on your audio embeds, it will help you stand out when people try and find you in search and explore. Ensure your name is clean and tidy and includes spaces if it's more than one word. If you're thinking of adding characters to your name, and be a little edgy be careful how you do it.
How it should look: / /
How it not to do it: / / Using Tags  Utilise all possible tags, metadata, and other data fields when uploading tracks or mixes. Since Soundcloud has updated it's website these options have been expanded and now there is no reason for your track not to come up in searches. Tag things properly and your music will be found! Naming your track or mix If you look on Beatport, DJs and producers often name their latest chart or mix after something that is on brand. Think about your mix and don't just use the bog standard 'Summer 13' title. Think about what inspired you to make the mix or EP and create something that you can use on social media. Hannah Wants is a DJ and producer that has a lot of success on social media due to her monthly mix tapes. Hannah lets people know when her mix is coming in advance, creating a 'social media hype' before it's released. As for naming her mixes, they are named on the date released and not just after the month. Take a look below, in just 13 days her mix and been played 92,413 times, liked by over 5,000 thousand and re-posted over 1,000 times - that's a lot of reach. What the stats don't show is how many times it has been downloaded, meaning this mix could of already reached six figures within less than two weeks.
Tip: Naming your mix after a recent popular search term like a festival that's coming up or a popular DJ means it is more likely to be found by people of that genre. ~For example "Bestival top 10" this method also works very well for Soundcloud
TIP: Mixes don't always have to be an hour long, Hannah's below is 1.18.43. Don't limit yourself to what you want to release, your mix is finished when it's finished, not when it reaches the 60 minute mark.
Hannah Wants Soundcloud Artwork So you've finished your mix and you're ready to upload it to Soundcloud and social media. It sounds good but how does it look? Soundcloud doesn't do you many favours by using those ugly lines that you see when using Abelton. You Tube on the other hand allows you to add artwork to all audio clips. Something as simple as taking a press shot like Hannah has above or take something that matches the name of your mix and add text over the top of it. It sounds strange to say when we're talking about audio but in a world that that is a competitive as social media, success can be determined on the strength of it's visual identity. If they don't like what they see, more often than not they won't like what they here. TIP: Speak to some of your friends to see if they know a local graphic designer - they may be after a new creative project themselves. Tracklist - Yes or No?  There is no answer to this question, it's all down to personal opinion and personal choice. If you're a young and aspiring DJ getting people to press play is a tough job, as well as your artwork it could be a good idea to leave a track list to go with it. The track list could determine whether people listen to it or not, especially if your sending your mix to an A&R of a record label to try and get noticed. Do remember though that tracklisting can help more people find your mix, for example, if a person is search for "Hot Since 82" and you have a "hot Since 82" tracklisting in your mix then it is more likely to be displayed in the search list. On the other hand, it can be used as a promotional tool, if you have a lot of unreleased or rare tracks then push people to share by saying that tracklisting will be revealed after a certain amount of plays or downloads. If you are a more experienced DJ then putting something out there that is personal to you, you may decide not to publish a track list and keep the music to yourself. If this is the case, why not leave something at the end of the description where people can tweet you and ask if they want the track ID.  If you're leaving a track list, why not combine it with your artwork and post it on social media. Think of the good old days when you went and bought an album from Woolworths, there was always artwork on the front and a track list on the back. We could talk all day on this subject so we will leave it here and I'll leave it up to you. With Shazam about, they will probably find the track anyway. Don't you just love music snobbery debates. TIP: If you want to use your mix as a promotional tool and want to advertise your future EP - create a Beatport chart featuring your EP and the tracks you've used in your latest mix, expanding your branding to a much wider audience. Hannah Wants Soundcloud Using Social Media  Take the advice we gave you in Part 1 and post your mix when your insight have guided you to. If you haven't got Insight's then posting weekdays between 7pm-9pm is a sensible option. Be aware of time zones and peak hours on your social channels so that your upload will be noticed as much as possible in the first few hours. TIP: Post it in the morning and at night, the chance of same people seeing it is slim. After that leave it a few days until you post again as Facebook is clever and it will quickly become buried in peoples’ feeds. Be interactive with other users Give feedback to your fellow users. Soundcloud can be a great way to share drafts and progression for yourself and other users. If you leave feedback on someone else's page, more often than not they will head on over to your Soundcloud page and listen to some of your own productions. Often close friends will tell you what you want to here so hearing feedback from someone in a similar position as you may inspire you to do something different and could even lead to a collaboration between the two of you. Stranger things have happened. TIP: Look at posting your work onto CD Baby and Bandcamp to expand your reach and your discography. Free Download Free Downloads The best things in life are free and when that involves music it's even better. Giving away free music can often be kind thing you do as a thank you for your fans support. A free download can also be used in a promotional away, set your mix so it is unavailable to download and encourage shares through social media. Offering to make your mix free after one hundred plays or fifty retweets is do-able once you get the ball rolling. Remember to be realistic when setting this target and don't be disheartened if it doesn't quite work out. Approach Music Blogs or Websites All the biggest music blogs in the world such Resident Advisor, Pulse Radio, Fact, Crack and XLR8R all have their own podcast series that feature some of the biggest DJs in the world. Gather a list of contacts from blogs on the internet and build a relationship with their founders and editors. Music blogs can be excellent promotion tool, use them to their full advantage and who knows where your mix could be heard. Combine your You Tube and Soundcloud together You've made the mix, you've got the artwork to go with it. Now can we go one step further? How about recording yourself and show us how the mix was made and how you would put together a DJ set in front of a live crowd? Ean Golden is a DJ that has done this extremely well. Using Social Media Ean has gone from being a DJ that was unknown and close to giving up to touring and supporting Richie Hawtin at Enter. at Space Ibiza and Enter.EDC. His work with Terry Church (Just Go Music) was put in to blog format on DJTechTools and has become a great guide for DJs on how to use social media. Check out the video below see how you can combine your Soundcloud and You Tube together and create a new way to interact with your fans on social media. Subscribe to DJTechTools on YouTube.