Ibiza Club News Backgrounds Now Available

Want your brand advertised on one of Ibiza’s most popular Twitter accounts? Now you can. Ibiza Club News profile now boasts over 75,000 followers, that’s just 3000 less than Ibiza’s number one club Space.   Since the start of the Ibiza season (May 1st, 2013) Ibiza Club News has; - Grown by 36,000 followers - Been mentioned by nearly 20,000 Ibiza enthusiasts,  - Generated over 40,000 RT’s - Been mentioned and retweeted by the most popular DJ's in the world - Had our most popular tweet this year reach 1.2 million people And this growth has not subsided, October alone saw a growth of 5000 followers! Ibiza Club News Background
How does this benefit you?
Ibiza Club News has got into the position by releasing the most creative and interesting content quicker than any other Ibiza focused Twitter page which is why the return rate to our page is so high. Posted links average a Click Through Rate of over 500 per link! That is an enormous amount of traffic through to your site!
If you would like to advertise on our Twitter background or look in to promoted posts email us at info@ibizadigitalmedia.com or find us on our social media platforms @ibizamedia.
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