Instagram seem to be rolling out feature after feature all of a sudden, with their latest installment: IGTV.


As a direct competitor to Youtube, IGTV adds an adjoining channel onto your existing account, allowing you to upload up to an hour’s worth of content, but only in vertical form because it has been “built for how you actually use your phone”.


To gain access to IGTV all you have to do is download to the most up to date version of Instagram, and a new icon placed next to your direct messages will take you there. There is also an independent IGTV app available to download for iOS and Android. Why there’s a separate app? Who knows. As currently both versions are exactly the same. We expect more interesting features will begin to appear in the IGTV app, however it is a ‘wait-and-see’ situation.   


IGTV comes with 4 sub categories:

  • For you - These are videos Instagram think you’ll like based on who you follow and the content you like.
  • Following - A collection of videos from accounts/channels you follow that have been uploaded to IGTV.
  • Popular - A collection of videos that are currently doing well on the platform.
  • Continue Watching -  All the videos you haven’t finished watching.




Why has IGTV been created, though?


Video on Instagram has become increasingly popular over time. So why wouldn’t they create a devoted platform to sharing the app’s second most popular type of content? Surprisingly enough, ⅓ of content uploaded to Instagram is video.


Will IGTV take off? We see no reason why it shouldn't. It seems that they are really urging celebrities to create content and for regular user to watch said content. That’s there first unique selling point, so to speak, and at a time when everyone and their granny is a “Youtuber”, expect to see them uploading the same videos on both Youtube and IGTV. This is their second USP - an app that brings together one’s video creations along with their social media presence.


We’re obviously in the very early stages of IGTV, but it’s pretty easy to predict how the platform will evolve. Currently it’s ad-free, so expect adverts popping up once it becomes more popular. Don’t be surprised to see original content created by Instagram, similar to Youtube Red, either.