Instagram Bites Back

instagram Have you ever noticed that after hashtagging certain words on Instagram, your follower list instantaneously increases? It doesn't have to be a particularly interesting or spectacular image accompanying the adjoining hashtag. But the followers list keeps moving upward. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean there is a fan club full of adoring followers, swooning at every one of your social media posts. Nope, they might be bots and fake accounts, and Instagram is aiming to kill them all. As of April 2014 Instagram realised they had a major problem, countless fake and inactive accounts swamping the social media platform. However by the end of December the problem will be solved. Instagram will have deleted them all, similar to a virtual fly swatter. Instagram's communications chief Gabe Madway said the move will allow the social media giant to clean up their system and highlight authentic accounts. This will in turn "provide transparency" for advertisers, and allow them to acknowledge how many followers, individual clients are reaching with each post. Mr Madway said. "Follower counts will be fully accurate and only reflect the actual human beings or actual accounts that are following you." Instagram users most at risk, thanks to the new cleansing movement are celebrities, bloggers and internet "personalities" who have purchased fake followers to increase their social media presence.

300 million followers

Newly released figures confirmed that Instagram has indeed reached 300 million monthly Instagrammers. An increase of 100 million since March, considering the company is only four years old, is a downright remarkable figure. Instagram have realised that the only way to maintain the companies popularity is to ensure that the highest set of standards are followed and a rigorous code of ethics maintained. Social media companies, by definition, rely on the goodwill of the general public, if the average Instagram user spends more time deflecting fake profiles or bots, their faith in the website will be irrevocably tarnished and the company as a result will face financial and professional turmoil. (i.e Bebo, MySpace) Normal users shouldn't worry about the mass profile cull, although they might notice a slight decrease in followers. It will not however affect engagements from authentic Instagram accounts. In the long run, the bot and fake profile clearance, will make Instagram a more fluid and enjoyable experience. Whilst ensuring a far simpler connection process, bonding you to the only people online that really matter. Your fan club. Written by Dreeva Vine