Instagram Stories Are Expanding

...which is exciting news for advertisers.


Instagram Stories are just over a year old and have become insanely popular in such a short amount of time. In the first 6 months, the number of active users over took their main competitor, Snapchat, with 200 million active users.


Instagram stories are a great feature for business’, with recent statistics showing that over 50% of business’ now use Instagram Story. The Stories are a great tool for a number of different reasons, however consumer engagement and advertising are the two main areas in which the Instagram Story is most useful for. The Story can help boost consumer engagement by giving the consumers an insight to everyday life in a business, it helps to connect with consumers on a personal level and build up relationships with them. With the advertising side of it, Instagram Stories allow for a more fun, organic style of ads. Due to its increased popularity, the Instagram Story is becoming a massive marketing tool which allows business’ to stand out from the crowd, so how have they expanded to make this feature even better?...

Instagram and Facebook have announced they are giving advertisers more flexibility with their Instagram Stories by merging with Facebook Canvas to enable Instagram stories to be extended onto a full screen. This will allow advertisers to optimise the use of their Instagram stories with Facebook Canvas, with its engaging, interactive, full screen format. This will again increase consumer engagement, by creating stories which can include features such as tutorials, Q&As and customer testimonials in a creative, fun way, making it easier to spread across 2 different platforms. Business’ that have used Facebook Canvas have saw an increase in the amount of people viewing their ads, as well as the amount of time the consumers that engage with the ads, for example, ‘Coca Cola built a Canvas that featured the newly launched special series of Aluminum Bottle. They reached nearly 16 million people and had an average view time of 18 seconds’ - Facebook Business. A collaboration of both Instagram Story and Facebook Canvas is surely to be a match made in marketing heaven.


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