Jack Eye Jones - 1 million 'Ibiza Sessions' Downloads

1193_708337189195271_1193533653_n Dubbed as “the most exciting DJ to emerge from Scotland in a generation” by Tilllate Magazine, Jack Eye Jones is a DJ that was influenced by the 808 state and acid house era from 1988 to 1990. Starting off on an old set of 1210 turntables, the sounds of Tiesto, Sasha, John Digweed and Paul Oakenfold lead him on his way to where he is today. Two decades later, Jack Eye Jones re sides in Ibiza, running ‘Ibiza Session’ boat parties every Monday and putting together a monthly ‘Ibiza Session’ podcast as well as playing at Creamfields and hosting his own area at Size in the Park. His ‘Ibiza sessions’ podcasts feature an eclectic mix of his own releases, bootlegs and mash ups from various artists. Now, thanks to hard work from Jack himself and us at Ibiza Digital Media, Ibiza Sessions in just eleven episodes has passed one million downloads on iTunes, along the way beating Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Avicii to the number one spot four times on the iTunes ‘Free Download’ chart. So how has this happened? SUPPORT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA - ADVERTISING Jack Eye Jones Facebook page is monitored 24 hours a day, allowing us to target certain areas depending on where interaction of all types come from. We set up a number of campaigns targeting different audiences, taking into consideration where Jack was playing and artists who play similar styles of music. Having just one advert targeting a wide range of interests is pointless, multiple campaigns were needed. Each advert would focus on Jack's important movements whether it was a new track or a forthcoming gig. We created a spiral through Facebook and Twitter, directing Jack's fans to his podcast or his website and back to his social media platforms. Using Facebook insights and Sprout Social reports to gauge demographics and geographical data, we know what and when to post, as well as understanding which kind of post posted worked and what didn't. For Jack Eye Jones and many other clients we work with, the combination of words and pictures triumphed. Jack Eye Jones on Facebook Using our Twitter Gold package, we have seen Jack Eyed Jones Twitter profile increase from 3,000 to 15,000 in eight months. The graph below highlights the last six months, since April 2013, Jack Eye Jones Twitter profile has increased by 8,735 followers, an average of 1,455 per month, with an average of 40 mentions per day. Compare this to popular electro-house DJ Will Sparks, Jack Eyed Jones has 400 more followers in the same time-period and five thousand more followers in total. Tweet Deck has also played a part, setting up custom news feeds allows us to highlight certain posts, hash tags and new target audiences. [caption id="attachment_1150" align="aligncenter" width="616"]Jack Eye Jones Twitter Growth Jack Eye Jones Twitter Growth[/caption] KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE Knowing your audience is crucial. The majority of Jack's audience is British, the island of Ibiza continues to draw thousands of Brit's a year, seeking escapism and fun on the worlds number one party island. This is where we go back to the spiral that we have created. Brit's who come to the island often plan in advance, buying tickets to the parties they want to go and listening to music and podcasts from the artists they plan to see. Often, this is shared and friends are tagged, increasing the artists reach to new audiences. This is where we use our demographics and geographic to find out where the interaction is coming from and target it with our campaigns. It is important to have interesting and engaging content that brings out the personality of the artist creating a personal relationship between Jack and his fans. Facebook pages for artists are often used for promotional terms a little too much. When addressing his fans, Jack often calls them neighbours, encouraging them to play his music loud so everyone can here. Music is indeed the answer to everything, it's even better when shared with friends. Knowing Jack's personality the way we do, we create a balance of engaging content, from posting the latest 'Ibiza Sessions' podcast, forthcoming gigs, press and media publications and to live content from gigs. THE LIVE ELEMENT Social media has evolved, not only are we sharing stories and telling people what is 'on our mind', we are showing people what we are doing with the help of photography. Jack's most interactive posts on Twitter came from our live coverage of the UK's biggest dance festival Creamfields. Live tweets through Twitter on the day and photos posted the day after create unique and creative content and encourage interaction, creating a much wider reach. It also encourages people to join in, favourites and retweets from artists are becoming more a part of modern society, as people seek to relive the moment and share their experiences through social media. Jack is a DJ who loves his fans, always taking time out to chat, take photos and thank them for their support. A more personal touch creates a relationship with fans, whether they were there reliving the moment or seeing it for the first time, wishing they where the interaction is all the same. Jack Eye Jones live at Creamfields It is not just social media where we have used promotional tactics well. We've actually done some face to face human interaction too. Using wrist bands full of bootlegs, mashups and unreleased material proved to be a great way to introduce new fans to his music, as well as thank long term fans for their support giving them access to the music they are unable to buy and might have heard in sets or podcasts. These bootlegs have been given out to people in the industry too, artists like Avicii have used Jack's bootlegs in recent sets, something we have highlighted via Jack's social media as a huge achievement for the Scot. THE PODCAST Reaching one million downloads off eleven podcast episodes is a huge achievement for any artist. Jack Eye Jones "Ibiza Sessions" podcast has beaten Tiesto, Avicii and Armin van Buuren to the 'Free Download' spot. Ibiza Sessions 004, 011 topped the popularity scale on iTunes, with 005, 006 and 010 also proving popular. Artists can use a podcast for promotional purposes. It is an opportunity to preview new releases, highlight where they are playing over the next month, or talk about their highlights from recent gigs and give thanks to their fans for support. Where as for a listener, it is a great chance to find new music, find out more about artists and their style of music or used as a 'warm up' to create excitement when getting ready for a night ahead. Jack Eye Jones iTunes Podcast The most important element for Jack Eye Jones success has not been one individual component but rather a combination of offline and online tactics to create an integrated, objective based and well timed strategy. Know what content will take to pull the audience in and know where it is you want them to end up.  Jack Eye Jones uses our full package, to find out more information on this and the other packages we offer, get in touch to find out how we can benefit your product.