May 2015: Updates on Social Media

So, the first quarter of 2015 is over. What’s been happening? Let’s take a look back at March/April and the main developments to note were:   Twitter Barclays became the first UK bank to team up with Twitter to provide the capacity to transfer money through Social Media networking. It launched the new feature to enable easier mobile payments through their Pingit app, whether users bank with Barclays or not.   Snapchat Snapchat is still going strong. Reflecting on 2014, it was the fastest growing Social app of the year. Infact, so much so, designers and other brands started advertising on the app. This was a great move towards increased engagement because ads are put in front of users but they do not need to watch them if they are not interested.   Pinterest In order for advertisers to capture the right community and engage the right users, Pinterest launched animated pins. This move was to develop more ways for brands and others to advertise on the Social Media site.   Crowdfire This app provides users this ability to technically ‘stalk’ their followers activity. Who’s following, who’s unfollowed and also provides the ability to schedule picture upload reminders. Essentially this is a statistics/analytics app. At the Ibiza Digital Media Headquarters, us tech geeks get so excited about the latest industry developments. But why you ask? Why is it so important to stay up to date?

As of the first quarter of 2015, there were approximately 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook, according to the social network, making it one of the most popular sites in the world.  (Miami, Herald)

That is more than 10% of the World’s population that are active online. Nowadays, businesses are realising the importance of a presence online whether it be through Social Media Networks or a variation of different apps that suit their businesses. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase, what’s new?   Facebook This week saw the launch of Instant Articles which allows publishers to host their news and stories where the consumers are. This is a great development (almost life saving) for publishers as subscriptions have been on the decline since the expansion and growth of the digital world. Publishers are now given the opportunity to re-align their content where consumers are. Let’s face it Social Media is the way most people access news nowadays and forecasted to expand even further into the future. Business on Messenger was developed for businesses to provide a better communication platform between themselves and consumers. The objective was that customers are would be able to make purchases directly through the app and businesses could answer questions instantly, send shipping information and advice. However, some small businesses don’t all agree this move forward is for the best. Due to Facebook’s algorithm only a small percentage of users will see the advert unless the business pays for it. Not many small businesses have an allocation within their budget for Facebook and have moved onto other Social Media apps like Instagram and Tumblr where these issues do not occur. Advertisers can now use points of purchase through Facebook as it debuts in-app purchase app install ads. Which means that an ad can drive a user to download an application and also take them into a purchasing process page within that application. More on ads, Facebook also launched Native ads whereby the tools work off the audience network and places outside of Facebook. They have now been designed as horizontal scroll ads so that they do no take as much room up on the feed. Facebook is well and truly capitalising on businesses (small and large) yet minimalising their exposure. What platform is going to take off for businesses and brands? Only time will tell… Twitter Security has been turned down a notch on Twitter as we are now able to direct message anyone and everyone. Not sure how we feel about this? Well OK…. You do require the feature to be enabled within your security setting but with 288 million monthly active users, can you image the amount of direct messages you could potentially receive?! Some businesses on Twitter think this is a great new development to increase brand awareness and community engagement however others disagree. Some worry that they will be sending information to users about products and services haven't asked for it, which could be problematic for brands with users considering this similar to spam.   Meerkat A live - streaming app which links to your personal Twitter feed has moved on to other Social Networks. Meerkat has now integrated the app more directly with Facebook to share their content and now users can log in/sign up with Facebook and no longer need a Twitter account…(it’s the battle of the networks!). Users can also integrate their address book to increase their contacts. This move is likely because of it’s competitor Periscope (Twitter’s own live streaming app) growing popularity within Twitter. Meerkat has also created a capacity for developers and an API, allowing third parties to enhance the service. This development to create applications on top of the app is an attempt to differentiate themselves from Periscope.   LinkedIn How annoying is it when someone views your profile anonymously? Well LinkedIn may have hit the nail on the head. Ok, we know that analytics reports are nothing new to get excited about but LinkedIn is now offering analytics for published content within the Social Media networking site. This feature is not available to all but some now have access to a full analytical forum, whereby users can see who has viewed their published content, who has engaged as well as likes and comments. And that’s it from us here at Ibiza Digital Media, tune back in next month to stay ahead of your digital game!