Megan's work experience at IDM!

My name is Megan and this week I done work experience with Ibiza Digital Media, and had a great time doing so. I’m 15 years old and I am currently in my 4th year of high school. I have an unhealthy obsession with binge watching TV shows (Teen Wolf being my favourite), I love drawing and painting in my free time, and I also attend 4 drama classes a week in preperation of doing a production of Wizard of OZ this November.


As I am in my 4th year of high school, my school sent my year and I out to find a weeks work experience to improve our communications skills, help us decide on a future career and show us what it is like to work in the real world, in preparation for leaving school. As all my friends were out working in local shops and primary schools this week, I was excited to be coming to such a fun office environment in Glasgow, while doing something much more interesting than re-stocking shelves or making photocopies. The office has such a fun and friendly environment that would make anyone want to work here and makes coming to work enjoyable. The office has a hammock, bean bags and a pool table which add to its fun and laid-back environment. The office also lets workers bring their dogs to work which I loved as I am a big dog person.

I wanted to come to the Ibiza Digital Media office to learn more about marketing, in particular social media marketing and how to promote brands through it. The thought of working in an office sounds boring and dull, but when I came into this office I knew it would be a lot of fun to work here. I was anxious about coming into a new working environment with people I had never met before, but when I came into the office I felt very welcome and loved working here after only a few hours. I really enjoy learning new things, and this week I had the opportunity to learn more about social media and marketing, which I really enjoyed doing.


At the start of the week I came up with new promotional ideas for some of IDM’s existing customers such as Nonna Gina’s and Mitch & Son and showed it to some of the team - who really liked them and passed them onto their clients. Throughout the rest of the week I learned how to schedule tweets and facebook posts, using software such as Hootsuite and Facebook Business Manager. I had to source images for business’ such as Nonna Gina’s and Il Pavone, and I then had to think of creative captions to go on the post. I had to ensure I was tailoring my tone of voice to the specific client, as each client has a different target audience. I tried to become more creative in the content I was using on clients pages throughout the week. When I found trying think of new and original captions difficult at times and not repeat myself, I researched into competitors social media pages to help me come up with different ideas and captions. I found it really interesting and fun coming up with new post ideas and different ways to promote the client's business.

In the future I hope to do filmmaking\ film production, and make my own movies, tv shows and documentaries. I would really like to be part of meaningful film projects that could help people and make a difference by bringing awareness to different issues in the world. As this is a male dominated industry I know it will be difficult to do, but I think the film industry is in need of more women and I would love to help make this happen! I am planning on going to university after leaving school and hope that after I finish my degree I will be able to move to somewhere like London or Los Angeles, as this is where most of the work in this industry is. Marketing will become a big part of this in my early career as I will not be with big production companies at the start - I will have to market my own independant films to kick start my career and make my projects known. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to  improve my marketing skills and learn more about the business as I will need to use these skills in the future and it will definitely help me.


I really enjoyed meeting the friendly and welcoming team and learning useful skills I will use in the future. Using different softwares to create and publish posts and coming up with creative content, as well as learning more about how marketing works, made me realise how much effort goes behind a successful social media page for a business, which I didn’t realise before! I’d like to thank the team at Ibiza Digital Media for being so friendly and giving me this amazing opportunity, I am extremely grateful.