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Nassau Beach Club Working in social media can have it’s perks, especially when one of your clients is located on the beach in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza. Nassau Beach Club, like its Bahamian namesake offers a chilled out vibe with a feel of elegance and class. Every day, one of our team members enjoyed the luxury of heading down to the beach, feeling the sand between their toes whilst taking in the beauty of the classy and stylish outfit that is Nassau Beach Club. It’s a hard life sometimes, but someones got to do it! After a season of topping up our tan, testing out the luxurious day beds and enjoying a cocktail or two (not on the job of course), we take a look at our season at Nassau and suggest a few reasons why the venue enjoyed a successful season, both at the beach and on it’s social networking platforms. Photos Photos Photos We’ve already mentioned the perfect location and this makes the live photos on Facebook and Twitter that little bit easier. There is an element of temptation about our social media tactics at Nassau. Take this example... Nassau Beach Club Monday is known as the most depressing day of the week within the real world, but we don’t live there. We live in Ibiza, we love Mondays! Photos like this can affect peoples moods in a number of ways. If you’re sat in the office on a rainy day, marking your calendar with a big red X counting down the days to Ibiza this will make your day go a lot quicker, it encourages interaction and shares, as well as tags to friends who are joining you on your escape to the worlds number one party island. It can also work in the opposite way. Someone in a different office right across the road could see this and be suffering from the worst thing in the world, Ibiza Blues. Instead of excitement, it could be jealously, despair or a complete loss of hope that it’s another summer without a holiday. Although it is reaching a different emotion, the idea is still the same, creating the interaction and the need to share through a social media platform. Furthermore the growth of Instagram could not be ignored and provided the perfect platform for more brand awareness. The unlimited tagging option helped us to quickly make users aware of Nassau focussing on “#Ibiza” and “#Ibiza2013.” Involving the Customers Having a staff member stationed at Nassau allowed us to encourage the customers to get involved on Social Media. This involved either taking pictures of them and getting them to follow up and tag themselves and share with friends or simply encourage the customer to do it themselves making it look far more personal to others on the web. This was very important especially on Facebook in the early stages as interaction is key to gaining page awareness. Talking to the customers on a daily basis also allowed us to do our research giving us an idea of what Social Media platforms they were active on and surprisingly they were far more likely to post to Instagram or Twitter than Facebook while at the venue. They would then post to Facebook when at home or back in their hotel rooms. This obviously then allowed us to concentrate on Twitter and Instagram during the day and ensure Facebook status's were posted between 7pm-9pm which Facebook insights supported. Engaging Content - Keywords There is one aim when we put out content through Nassau’s social networking platforms, it’s not to gain likes and shares, it’s to get people to come to the beach club when they are in Ibiza. To do this, words have be engaging, friendly and welcoming, with an element of humor. We’re not showing off, far from it, we’re inviting you to ‘join us’ at Nassau and ‘enjoy’ what we offer. What is key, is to make the text feel like it is talking to one person at a time, while talking to as many people as possible. It makes sense, we promise. Take this example… Nassau Beach Club teamed up with our good friends at Essential Ibiza to give you the chance to be wine and dined at Nassau. The post is friendly, the picture tempts you towards the island and of course with Ibiza there is a small amount of sex appeal to it. Temptation at it's best. The competition winners came to Ibiza and were more than happy with their time spent on the island.

Nassau Beach - This Could Be You

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