Social Media is for Local Businesses too: Eden Brewery

Eden Brewery

Eden Bewery The Eden Brewery is located in St Andrews has a small and dedicated team who are consistently building and developing great beers. Since working with Eden Brewery we have seen a great uplift in brand awareness not just locally but country wide which has translated into increased sales.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 4.24.37 PM Eden Bewery


We recognised that for Eden Brewery its main USP, from a marketing perspective, is the humble, local feel of the brand. Therefore our main aim for Facebook was to communicate this across to users. This achieved through working with local pubs that stock their products, step-by-step process of how the products are made, staff profiles etc. This gave the overall feel to the page and resulted in great engagement especially when starting from a very low fan base. This was then partnered with an advertising campaign with adverts aimed at both gaining more likes and generating traffic for the website as they sell direct from the website.

Start Date: 01.06.2013 End Date: 30.11.2013

Reach: 114,504 Impressions: 1079905 Clicks: 4831

Spend (GBP): 934.23 CPC (GBP): 0.193382 

Actions: 4293 Page Likes: 1974

With only a small spend of approximately £150 per month we were buy cheap medications able to generate a brand awareness reach of 114 504 in the United Kingdom but more importantly approximately 4000 clicks through to the website with additional 1000 being returning users who are far more likely to purchase. We were able to maintain an average CPC of £0.19 (industry average of £0.35) because we targeted the adverts specifically based on demographics, interests and personal information. The content resonated really well with fans generating over 4000 actions (likes, comments and shares) and almost 2000 likes to whom we can remarket to.

We continue to create more interesting content including competitions and promotions as well as advising on the ground promotion. We have expanded now on to other social networks including Instagram for brand awareness and Linked In for B2B sales.

Eden Brewery


Case Study Eden Brewery Since the beginning of the year we have seen how good Twitter can be for creating not only awareness but engaging with customers and helping with any queries in real time. They are currently at just over 4000 followers which we have been able to increase at a rate of approximately 500 a month with no additional spend on content. Eden Brewery As you can see in the table below they are in constant interaction with customers with over 200 mentions a month which is staggering for only 4000 followers. They have seen over 657 responses to tweets and a combination of consistent tweeting, mentions and retweets has seen them reach 1.5 million impressions in this 4 month period. Eden Brewery Follow Eden Brewery on Facebook & Twitter and check out their website.