The Anatomy Of A Successful Facebook Post

Anybody can make a Facebook post, but not everybody knows how to make a successful post. Here are some hints and tips to help you make a good Facebook post which will boost customer engagement...



Let’s start from the top, the brain of a Facebook post is of course the section where you write your status - ‘What’s on your mind?’ is the obvious give away. Now you may have a million things going through your head about what to write, but you should keep your post short, sweet and straight to the point. To boost customer engagement, ask a question - get people talking on your post.


Comments act as the mouth of your post, this is where people can leave their opinions of your post, hopefully positive. Your aim is to get people talking, get them involved in what you are promoting.


 Next, the eyes - or the visuals you use on your post. You should always include some sort of imagery on your post, you want to grab people’s attention, especially since there is so much content on facebook to scroll through. Visuals make it easier for people to retain information, and with an 80% increase in people’s willingness to read a piece of content if they have coloured visuals, according to CrowdRiff.


 Facebook updated the ‘Like’ button at the beginning of this year, to allow people to ‘React’ to posts rather than just ‘Like’ them. This is the heart of a Facebook post, as this feature gives an emotional response just by a click of a button. The 6 ‘reactions’, like, love, surprise, laugh, angry, upset, give a more specific idea of how people feel when seeing your post which can be a useful tool to help measure the success of a post.


 If you are posting about an upcoming event, or anywhere you wish people to visit, you can include a location - the legs of your post. This allows anyone who clicks on the location to see where it is.


Each of the elements mentioned make up the main body for a good Facebook post, It will change slightly for each business, just remember keep it short and keep it interesting and people will engage!