Superbowl Adverts - The Good, The Bad, The Movie Trailers & The Almost Funny

The Superbowl is the most watched sports event in the world. It is also the most drawn out event EVER, making it the perfect opportunity for some of the biggest brands in the world to take advantage of the millions of viewers with 30-to-60 second advertisements. There are hundreds of adverts, movie trailers and some celebrities who we've never heard of. Here are some good ones, some funny ones, some almost funny ones and movie trailers that feature explosions, dinosaurs and fast cars.  Doritos  Doritos invited the public to make their own advert and they sure struck gold with this one. This advert apparently only cost $200 dollars and took eight hours to make. The advert features a boy named Jimmy and a time machine. Budweiser - Puppy Love Budweiser went for the cuteness factor and it worked! Who doesn't love puppies and ponies! It's got nothing to do with beer, but that is the point. Awww puppies! #BestBuds Coca-Cola The biggest soft drinks company in the world went for a 60-second spot featuring people from around the world singing 'America The Beautiful'. It is fair to say the advert has split opinion so far. Coca-Cola have gone for the American pitch, using their National anthem and lots of people singing it, this might work in America, but outside of America, does anyone actually like America? We prefer polar bears and Coca-Cola lorries..... Get a free new U2 song U2 have a few new song out and you can get it for free on iTunes. The good thing about a free U2 song is it's a free U2 song, the bad thing about a new U2 song is it sounds like every other U2 song, which is good, if you like U2 songs. Bud Light - Cool Twist This is awful. Bud Light Cool Twist for one sounds awful, we want a beer, not a light beer and why do we care about the design of the bottle and how blue it is? Another thing, why would you want to re-seal a beer once we've opened it? Is there actually a market for this? Doesn't this kind of defeat the point of opening a beer?! Grade F. Fail. Stay behind after class. Transformers IV Trailer There is a new Transformers film out this year, it features fight scenes, dinosaurs and new robots... it also features Mark Wahlberg. You already know if you're going to see this or not. Newcastle Brown Ale - Behind the scenes of a Superbowl commercial  So Newcastle Brown Ale went out there in a different direction. They use Anna Kendrick, who is pretty hot, but not quite beer commercial babe hot (whatever that is) and focus on a behind the scenes of a commercial, which gets pulled days before its being filmed due to a lack of money. Anna talks a lot, and this will either work for you or not. We think it works... it's funny in places, almost funny in places and we like the character Anna portrays, but it's over two minutes long and she talks a lot. Jaguar - The British Villains  This is very well made, it features three British villains Tom Hiddleston, Mark Singer and Sir Ben Kingsley. Jaguars have class, these three British actors have class. This advert kind of has that Bond feel about it and we all know when it comes to action films, the Villains are the best part. Is there the potential to have all three of these actors in one film, maybe not but we do like the advert. B+ for Jaguar. Need For Speed Trailer  We have known about this forth-coming movie for a while now and its kind of a cross between Need For Speed the video game and Fast & The Furious. It's the standard story line we guess, cars, girls, cars, people die, cars blow up in drag races. Works for us. It also sees the first movie role since his rise to fame of Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman (we don't know his real name). So what about tweets.... there are thousands and thousands and thousands of them out there, but this one really stood out and its from an unlikely source. Niall Horan, one from the band One Direction actually did some thinking while watching (when we say watching we mean pretending to understand) the Superbowl. 1D play a gig at the Met Life stadium soon for those who are interested. The tweet received over 80,000 retweets and over 125,000 favourites. Mind blowing sh*t. Nail 1D Ps - if you actually care who won the Superbowl... Seattle Seahawks beat Denver Broncos 43-8.