What we think of the latest Twitter update

Updates to Facebook and Twitter often get people talking, but the new Twitter update that came out on Tuesday has got a big thumbs up from us at Ibiza Media. Twitter users can now share and receive images in direct messages. Twitter who are constantly making changes to their news feed to make it more user friendly unveiled the new feature in an update of its versions iOS and Android apps on Tuesday. Users who update the app can send and receive images through DM on both mobile and web versions. What this does is it makes direct messaging on Twitter more user friendly, allowing conversations to flow better between users and see's Twitter catch up with mobile apps such as Snapchat, Whats App and of course Facebook that allows you to send photos or videos privately or to small/big groups. The update also makes the direct messaging service more noticeable in the menu at the bottom of your screen and not hidden away like a naughty little secret. The message service still limits you to 140 characters per tweet/message, which is sometimes irritating when typing a long message like you would in a text or on Facebook. We don't want to see the characters increased when it comes to tweets, but the freedom to type what you want without sending half a message would be something we would welcome in a direct message. Twitter The update also includes a few additional changes, including the ability to swipe between multiple timelines within the app, making it easier to switch between the "Home", "Discover" and "Activity" timelines just like you can do on an Apple Macbook or an iPad. This is great if your on the go and want to know what is trending within your interests. Facebook have been constantly trying to improve the way the newsfeed looks and reads like an online newspaper where Twitter works in a different way and tells you what is going on as it happens from the pages you follow. Twitter has always been more brand aware than Facebook, with the hashtag option being as popular as it is, it is a lot easier to search and follow updates on Twitter than it is on Facebook as the newsfeed becomes even more saturated with brands fighting for a place on your newsfeed. While this update from Twitter has mostly positives, it's still a long way from where Twitter want it and is no doubt part of their recent experimental tactics, after their recent experiment with a redesign was largely scraped. If you look after more than one profile, like us, you can easily navigate from one profile to the other without getting confused, there is more colour and it doesn't look like it's been designed by a five year old. While Facebook won't be launching their new lay out anytime soon, expect more Twitter updates soon as the company brings in ads and more sponsored posts. After making no profit for 7 years, the company is expected to turn over 1.1 billion dollars in 2014 making it one of the most valuable companies in the world today. Twitter - Ibiza Club News