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AutoCAD is one of the world’s leading providers of computer-aided design (CAD) products.
In early 2015, AutoCAD approached us to help them achieve social media success across Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.
Our work with AutoCAD has been a roaring success, even if we do say so ourselves. In the first six months, we placed a strong focus on increasing the volume of web traffic to the AutoCAD site through their social media channels; through this, we managed to increase web traffic from social from 15% to 82%. Impressive, we know.

We continue to achieve consistent success through our work with AutoCAD, reaching milestones significant milestones in the past 3-4 months. In this time, our work through meticulous social media management has garnered over 80,000 web page views, with over 120,000 e-commerce store visits. There have also been over 5,000 trial downloads at a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of just £1.15. The level of AutoCAD web traffic from social channels remains at a solid 82%.

On Facebook, especially, we have managed to accomplish fantastic results through a variety of different campaign types. Through use of a Promoted Posts campaign, we were able to dramatically increase the reach of AutoCAD social media content throughout Europe, the Middle East & Asia. With our Website Clicks campaign, we attained over 80,000 website visits through effective targeting of competitors, publications and relevant employers within the design industry. In addition, we were instrumental in AutoCAD’s gaining of over 208,300 Facebook likes via a Facebook Likes campaign:

As we all know, achieving this impressive level of increased reach and user engagement is impossible without effective and engaging content. Below is an example of one of our best performing pieces of visual content:

Client Testimonial

"A view days after briefing Kevin on the phone, Ibiza Digital Media came back with a detailed offer and recommendations, which was just great, taking into account they didn't know Autodesk. Now working with them for 8 months, I have to say it is a great pleasure; they really put themselves in the shoes of the client and come up with great ideas and recommendations, and at the same time are highly responsive and professional."

Michael Knapp

Manager EMEA Field Marketing at AutoDesk GmbH